General contractor

As a general contractor, your main responsibility refers to the daily oversight of construction sites. This automatically implies managing vendors and using proper communication techniques with all parties involved in a building project. In other words, a lot of hard work and too little time for anything else. So the last thing a general constructor might find time for is learning how to design and build a website to promote his business and attract new clients. For this kind of tasks we recommend you contact us. Our clients range from FTSE 300 companies to large charity organisations as well as small local businesses; we have the suitable solutions for each and every one of the constructors interested in having a functional site that actually stands out.

What Do Clients Expect From Your Site?

  • Information on the types of services the company can provide them with;
  • Relevant proof that the respective services are executed exactly as effective as promised;
  • Reliable and trustworthy testimonials on the homepage, as well as major contracts that have been signed recently or the most successful portfolios. Testimonials help differentiate the best contractors on the market. Take a look at the general contractors found on the Prosco website and form an idea on what kind of information you should included on your homepage and the rest of your website’s pages. The feedback provided by past clients will offer your future clients with the validation they are searching for that you do deliver what you promise, and you are just as reliable and experienced as you say.
  • Clients also expect no flashy graphics, but instead official graphics representing different professional organizations in the industry – in case your business is related to them at a local or national level.
  • Include specific details of your history as a company and explain to your site visitors what are the main advantages of using your services. For example, the Prosco team states loud and clear that they are licensed by the Contractors State License Board and that they comply with all state and county regulations. They can provide their customers with copies of each of their general contractors’ licenses, as well as any other relevant personal details of their contractors so customers can look them up on their state’s license board site.
  • The successful design of a general constructor’s website should also include alternate image tags for photos as well as the menu buttons. Search engines love these tags, but so do site visitors who will have a much easier time exploring your site.
  • Have meta descriptions added to each new page on your site so visitors who get redirected from their favorite search engines will know immediately that they have landed on the right site.

How Not To Design Your Site

  • Avoid flash animations as they are hard to read by search engines.
  • Stay away from flash-based website navigation as you will risk not showing up in the biggest search engines.
  • Avoid email tags and focus on having a toll-free number clearly displayed in a a prominent place on each page.
  • Stay away from music playing in the background of your site; instead, focus on having consistency with your font size and color.

Finally, remember to update your website’s design at least every two years or sooner to keep it looking fresh and attractive constantly.